The hottest ZTE axon205g mobile phone is expected

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ZTE axon 20 5g is expected to be launched on September 1. Let's take a look at the latest configuration

the requirements of this ZTE sample are national standards: the 10*10*55mm style axon 20 5g is about to be launched. It is said that it uses the world's first off screen camera technology. It is expected to be launched on September 1. Let's take a look at the configuration and functional features of ZTE axon 20 5g with a diameter of 0 (3) 0mm, for your reference

I. configuration of ZTE Axion 205g:

1. The screen size is 6.92 inches, and the OLED screen is adopted

2, 2460 × 1080 resolution

3. There is no hole in the front of the fuselage, which is truly a full-scale screen

4. The processor will be equipped with Xiaolong 865 or Xiaolong 865+ mobile platform

5. In terms of storage, 12gb memory +256gb storage

6. In terms of photography, the camera under the front screen is 32 million pixels, and the rear camera is 64 million +8 million +2 million +2 million four cameras

7. In terms of battery, it is equipped with 4120mah capacity battery

8, and the thickness of the fuselage is 7.9MM, Weighing 198g

9, it has four colors, which are divided into black hole gravity, streamer sea salt, phantom orange wind, purple moon Lingyun

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II. Several functional features of ZTE axon 20 5g:

1, the world's first off-screen camera technology,

2, hide the front camera under the screen, and truly realize no bangs, no holes True full screen shape without water droplets

3. There is no "screen effect" at the front camera position, the display effect is the same as the surrounding, and the visual experience is excellent

III. summary of ZTE axon 20 5g:

ZTE's off screen camera is an original technology of natural pixel arrangement. When it needs to display or take photos, the independent chip will transmit instructions to the driving circuit, which will then transmit instructions to the pixels. 7. Market capacity analysis instructions, Let the screen in the camera area under the screen display normally when not taking pictures, and keep transparent when taking pictures. At the same time, ZTE LV Qianhao also said, "the most difficult way to achieve light transmission enhancement of the off screen camera is to choose a high load experimental machine with enhanced display, which gives users an amazing and comprehensive screen shape and a better selfie. JD self operated store understands the latest price details of this product"

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