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ZTE 4/5g dual band pad RRU helps Hangzhou Telecom build the most beautiful smart town

recently, Hangzhou Telecom and ZTE successfully deployed the first 4/5g dual band micro base station supporting the 3.5GHz frequency band in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. The micro base station as light as a pad is combined with a smart light pole, which is integrated with the beautiful scenery. The measured downlink peak rate is 1.1gbps, providing users with an excellent 4/5g network experience, Help Hangzhou Telecom build the most beautiful smart town

this deployment adopts the 4/5g dual band 4t4r product of ZTE's latest 5g pad RRU series, with its own 2.1g LTE anchor to realize the rapid opening of NSA network. In SA network, the business experience can also be guaranteed through 4/5g coverage. In addition, it can also support 3g/4g/5g multiple systems at the same time, and support the continuous 200MHz Super bandwidth in the 3.5GHz band. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy deployment, easy beautification and so on. It effectively solves the challenge of insufficient site resources and manual loading, and realizes the rapid extension and coverage of 5g signals

as a famous and beautiful local town, Yucun village, Jiangxi Province, Hangzhou actively explores the construction of a digital town. Hangzhou Qianyuan Xinnong Technology Co., Ltd. has built a smart road lamp pole, which integrates high-definition camera and environmental protection. Its repair is more difficult than other environmental experimental facilities, including monitoring, weather sensing, lamp pole screen, new energy vehicle charging and other functions, At the same time, it can also be used as the site solution of 5g micro base station to solve the problem of insufficient coverage of 5g urban areas according to whether the verified experimental machine is qualified, and constantly move forward towards a better future for mankind to transmit intelligent street lamp information data in real time. Through 5g+ smart light pole mode, you can check the road conditions in real time, timely obtain the status information of ponding and well cover, avoid potential safety hazards, and truly realize the digital and accurate service of cities and towns

ZTE will maintain close cooperation with Hangzhou Telecom, cooperate with various industrial partners, continue to explore innovative solutions and applications of 5g micro base stations, and help the construction of digital beautiful towns to a higher level and quality

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